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Welcome to Power World Limited

When it comes to reliable, powerful, innovative batteries and accumulators for companies and private users, there is no better choice than advanced engineering and manufacturing solutions from the company Power World Limited. We strive to the deliver outstanding service, innovative products and customizable, robust and reliable solutions that meet the demands of today's energy provision and to prepare for tomorrows challenges. Power World is uniquely positioned to benefit long-term from emerging demand for intelligent micro-energy grids and the increasing demand for reliable renewable energy sources that will grow over the coming years.


Invest directly to gain from the sale of high quality smart batteries that are suitable as a power source for all kinds of portable and mobile device in demanding markets.


In order to remain at the forefront of technological development, we are constantly involved in the development and research of new materials and concepts.


Thanks to innovative technologies, intelligent energy management systems and individual designs, a wide variety of applications can be equipped.

Where are batteries used Where are batteries used

Next generation power and performance
Energy solutions
We pride ourselves in being a total energy system solutions provider, capable of delivering fully self-contained energy storage systems suitable for all applications.
Energy management
The charger electronics will work as a power manager. If an external power supply is attached to the device, the manager will charge the energy and supply power to the device.
Customized batteries
Together with our customers we develop customized energy solutions from design to design-to-cost for all application areas.

Powerful energy solutions

Our standard smart batteries are suitable as a power source for all kinds of portable and mobile device in demanding markets, like medical, military, instrumentation, robotic and drones.

Leverage our expertise so you can focus on your business

Power World develops and produces high-tech energy systems, which are installed worldwide in the most diverse products of well-known brands. As a leader in innovation, the latest technologies and production processes are always integrated into the processes in order to continuously increase the performance of the batteries. The company has extensive experience in the energy industry and offers a unique one-stop-shop offering that covers all components of the value chain from a energy to after-sales.

Various shapes and performances

We offer standardized energy packs in different housing shapes, with worldwide approvals, a variety of redundant safety features as well as a communication interface for your application.

Technology for all requirements

On the basis of flexible manufacturing concepts and modern research and production facilities, we guarantee high-tech solutions for special applications and tailor-made development and production of energy cells.

Power management modules

We offer embeddable solutions to charge standard energy packs in mobile or stationary applications. These PCB-based power management modules represents the ideal solution for each electronic developer, saving time and money.

Rigorous development processes

Our development department employs a staff of highly qualified engineers who design energy systems that exactly meet the requirements until they are ready for series production. We have expertise in complex fields of application such as medical and robotics. This provides us with the know-how and demanding requirements that these markets need. This process indicates that we are the partner that you are looking for, who is able to develop customized energy packs for your devices.

Technologies of the future

The experience collected over the years enables us to maintain all the design and development steps of every new product. We develop electronics for batteries, chargers and power supplies as well as connectors, housings and algorithms.

Newer, safer & energy efficient

Customers look toward Power World once they realize no other manufacturer is able to meet their requirements. The combination of high-performance cells, a energy management system with safety features and communication interface as well as individual housing and connector design will also convince you.

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